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By Cyrus Ryan

TRANSFERENCE and some FUTURE indications of the GROUP WORK

November 15, 2022

There are definite laws in the occult about ‘transference’ of ‘shakti’ from a teacher to the students who make up the group. There is a much greater degree of this ‘transference’ when the group members meet regularly in person than when they meet online. The theory of ‘transference’ refers to what the esoteric tradition calls, ‘oral transmission of the teaching’ or the ‘whispered lineage’. They both have the same meaning. There is still some connection when a group meets online, though the degree of ‘transference’ is much less. It has nothing to do with distance in the linear sense. Where the group meets both in person and online, then the ‘transference’ during an online group meeting will be much greater than with the group that only meets online, never in person. It is because of this ‘transference’ that the group members share in the ‘downpour’ of shakti from the higher planes. That’s why the Master DK mentions in Letters on Occult Meditation, that when a group gets together and chants the ‘OM’ aloud, achieving a certain note, the resultant downpour will uplift the group to much greater heights than if one person is sounding the ‘OM’ alone.

  1. The Group Work is conditioned by the leader of the group. This is a very important point. The leader is the fulcrum of the group, exoterically speaking, esoterically, the ‘shekinah’, meaning the focal point(dwelling/presence) for the downpour of shakti from the inner school to the outer school, from the teacher to the members of the group. This again has to do with the previous discussion on ‘transference’. A true esoteric teacher must have definite esoteric contacts, be an advanced accepted disciple. At the time of AAB the group energy was focused from the Master DK who stimulated the mental and soul bodies of the group members to inspire a greater soul control of the lower nature. The group members generally did not meet regularly in person, so they did not have regular group meetings. They did not meditate together, thus they didn’t create a group vortex of high energy that would be shared by the entire group. The group work was directed by the Master DK as communications were, at that time, via correspondence via AAB. The Master DK, via AAB would contact the various group members periodically, sometimes only once a year, or more often depending on the disciples state in the group work. Thus, the energy levels were not that high as each individual aspirant worked alone and would try to make contact with the Master DK primarily during the full moon period. Since most Theosophical groups would get together to read and discuss some books on Theosophy, they would only generate a small amount of mental energy. Some groups would end their study sessions with a silent meditation, which again does not generate any higher energy. But this is all a precursor of what’s to come in the near future.

In the West, many of these advanced Souls are more ‘eastern souls’ versus ‘western souls’. What does this mean? These ‘eastern souls’ subconsciously hold the memories in their permanent atoms (samskaras) of the ancient yogas, tantras, and sadhanas. Which means, there is no cultural blockages using eastern terms, Eastern gods, and Sanskrit mantras. At the time of the AAB even the idea of meditation was something radical. You had to be an advanced soul to accept and even try to do the meditations the Master DK gave out. But those meditations were transformed into a methodology that was adjusted for the western cultural sensibilities of that time period. The Master DK talked about great lords and rulers, but never mentioned who they were. He introduced very little eastern terminology, and all the mantras he gave out were English transliterations of ancient mantric formulas. They were designed to help organize the mental body of the aspirants who used them correctly. They did not invoke higher entities/deities or higher energies. But the advanced souls that are incarnating now are ready to embrace the Eastern esoteric doctrine in a new way for the West.

  1. What is to come? Small groups of advanced disciples will appear soon who are not only members of an inner ashram, but follow Hierarchical principles reflecting the activity of the Hierarchy in miniature. Most of these advanced aspirants will be very young, either in their 20’s or 30’s. As strange esoteric phenomena will occur. When some of these advanced disciples begin to express the Esoteric Teaching it will be in such a way that few of the older disciples primarily Theosophists or those who practice or study the Blue books, as the books of AAB are called, will not recognize this new expression of the Esoteric Work for the West, as it will seem foreign to them, its flavor will be too Eastern. The meditations will be very different. They will study Theosophy, or the Blue Books, but their discipline will be an adjusted Vajrayana inspired by the Master who is watches over and guides the group. Many of these new, young, advanced disciples will be very clairvoyant/psychic, and the experiences of the inner worlds will not be new to them. They will be aware of many things that today’s aspirant only reads and dreams about.

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