By Cyrus Ryan

Who is the Tibetan Master

March 11, 2024

Who is the Tibetan Master

Many sincere aspirants have pondered and wanted to know more about who is the ‘Tibetan Master DK’. As the Master DK points out in the ‘Extract from a statement by the Tibetan’ at the beginning of the books written by Alice A. Bailey, where he gives a brief description of where he lives, and about his association with the Masters M and KH, and as he says, “I’ve told you much; yet at the same time I have told you nothing which would lead you to offer me that blind obedience and foolish devotion…”. Over the years, especially now with the internet connecting the world, hundreds of posts on social media shows many aspirants are searching for greater understanding about the Tibetan Master DK. That 6th Ray tendency is very strong with many who are dedicated to the teachings of the Master DK, resulting in that devotion, often mislead, to gain some more physical evidence through the constant search for some picture of the Tibetan Master DK. (He doesn’t have a mustache.)

It’s been 90 years since that short ‘extract’ was written by the Master DK. A great deal has changed since then. The quality of the aspirants and disciples has changed. In fact, in many cases, very different types of advanced souls are incarnating now. Many of those advanced souls who have incarnated in the West in the past 40 years are souls who have evolved in the East. In their past spiritual lives, they’ve studied Raja Yoga, chanted Sanskrit mantras, recognize that there are many saviors who graced this planet over thousands of years, not just one as so many in the West still believe. When the Master DK managed several groups with the help of AAB as described in Discipleship in the New Age, those souls in his groups were not ready for the deeper teachings/understandings that can be reached with the use of Sanskrit. Thus, English transliterations were employed to express mantras, and ‘seed-thoughts’. Those students were only introduced to a minimal amount of Eastern terminology, much that came from earlier Theosophical literature. Today, there is much greater opportunity, especially for those younger disciples to have their latent memories(samskaras) triggered because of the multicultural nature of the today’s western society which didn’t exists when the Master DK was active with AAB. This is the beginning of the new world.

We know that the Master DK is considered a ‘young master’ and that he has been associated with the Masters M and KH, as he has a strong connection with their work. So, what is the work that the Master Dk is focused on with his two brothers? The Master DK and his brothers are concerned with the following:

1. Initiate the New Age, get the ball rolling, open the door for Aquarian forces which began with the Theosophical Society.

2. Slowly, step-by-step, change certain thought-forms that have crystalize during the Piscean Age, primarily with the Judeo-Christian religion(thought-form), Spiritual superstitions/fantasy, and philosophy of existence, by introducing a strong 5th Ray teaching.

3. Introduce a new psychology based on the Occult Constitution of Man (based on Atma-Vidya), and the Seven Rays.

4. Prepare the way for advanced disciples who have been incarnating in the last 30 to 40 years. This is very important, and the Master DK’s work is very focused on this.  He is helping certain disciples personally.

5. The Master DK’s role is that of…” the still small voice crying in the wilderness”. Not only helping with those younger advanced souls, some who are direct disciples of the World Teacher, but preparing the way for the great Lord for whom all await.

6. Awakening the response and initial aspiration of Humanity through the giving out of the Great Invocation, the prayer of the coming age.

7. The Master DK will also make a great sacrifice and take on a physical body.

8. With another of his brothers, they will work together to initiate efforts to restore an ancient methodology to help accelerate the spiritual evolution of disciples who are ready. He hints at this in the book, Glamour, A World Problem (he uses an occult blind).

9. He will inspire those disciples who are ready in this new form of teaching that employs a type of spiritual synthesis that is yet unheard of, blending teachings and methodology of(Tibetan) Buddhism, Hinduism, and Egyptian in their esoteric applications. To the uninitiated it will look like a ‘mish-mash’.

10. Working more with esoteric groups, via telepathy, in conjunction with certain other Masters who are taking disciples at this time. This work will involve groups who meet together on the physical plane regularly, creating occult vortices through invocation in a very occult sense. Such groups will be able to learn to deal and transmute powerful ancient negative forces that create much of the miasma of the astral plane that affects humanity. These groups will be inspired to give out this new group work methodology, yet ancient, instead of writing more of the foundation knowledge of the esoteric teachings.

Do not expect the teaching in the manner as was given out by both HPB and AAB. The initial Aquarian forces on the cusp of the Piscean Age is very disruptive. The harmony and peace that so many pray for or expect with the advent of the Aquarian Age is still hundreds of years away.

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