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By Cyrus Ryan

The Master DK: The Path in the near Future for Disciples

June 21, 2023

The Master DK: The Path in the near Future for Disciples

The teachings of the Master DK as given out through the books of Alice A. Bailey (AAB) have touched the hearts and minds of thousands through the world for many decades. These teachings on the esoteric tradition were given out during a particular period when the Judeo-Christian religions were strongly embedded in the conscious and sub-consciousness of the populace, especially in North America and Western Europe. The Masters of the Trans-Himalayan Brotherhood are working tirelessly to facilitate the transfer of the Wisdom of the East to the West. HPB through the vehicle of the Theosophy, which published her writings, was the first wave, expressing new ideas based on ancient teachings of the Esoteric Tradition from India, Tibet, and many other corners of the world. HPB gave out ideas, she did not give out a methodology for meditation, mantra, or self-enquiry. You could serve the esoteric tradition by working to spread Theosophy, taking part in a lodge.

Then 1919 Alice A. Bailey published her first book through the Theosophical publishing house, but soon many Theosophists at that time disputed the validity of the teachings given out by her, arguing that these teachings were not Theosophy. She was rejected and soon left the TS. Many old Theosophists still hold onto to this thought-form that HPB is Theosophy. It was a new, younger generation that eventually took up studying the Teachings of the Master DK., reading the books by AAB. Unlike the original Theosophical teaching, this new expression of Theosophy was more practical, including meditation, using mantra/affirmations…though, via English translations, and a definite discipline of Service to Humanity. The teaching giving out in the ‘Blue’ books are more psychological, practical versus the teachings in the Secret Doctrine which have a more philosophical, historical, and informative pulse to them.

The new teachings that will soon appear, given out by the Master DK and other Masters of the Wisdom will build on the foundation of what has previously been given out via HPB and AAB. But they will take a different even more practical direction than those teachings already given out. They will primarily be directed at those aspirants who have passed the 1st initiation and are working towards the 2nd and 3rd initiation. These teachings will have an even more Eastern flavor, thus many aspirants today who are reading the books of AAB will not recognize this upcoming enunciation of the Ageless Wisdom.

They will find them too foreign, too Tibetan or Indian, especially because of the use of more Sanskrit.

But this is part of the plan, the Wisdom of the East transferring to the West. The new aspirants will be much younger, and initially, will not even know who HPB or AAB is. They will be drawn into small groups lead by older advanced disciples. The Master R and DK are very active now inspiring very young advanced souls working to unfold methods of purification of the astral body using very ancient formulas. None of these formulas are in English. It will be still quite a number of years before these teachings will be made public as they are very esoteric and open the doors to the inner realms and all that it entails.

Discipline and training are needed to help these young disciples to re-awaken the knowledge they have from the distant past.

For these advanced disciples, who are working with the Masters and certain initiates to bring out this teaching, working in such a way that they, at a young age, are forced by their strong soul alignment to overcome the weaknesses of the personality and take on the suffering that such an effort bring about. Because of the degree of their commitment and efforts, their work is all consuming, with little rest, intense forces/energies impacting on them 24/7. Only a few old books hint at the type of effort required here (Blossom and the Fruit/M. Collins 1889). This is not an easy book to understand, it expresses a deep truth about the Path of Initiation that is hidden from their eyes of most aspirants until they reach a certain point of awakening. The new approach to the Ageless Wisdom will see a synthesis of Paths that has never been tried before. Today, such active aspirants range from mid-twenties to early thirties.

There are, of course, much younger souls, still children who are being watched and brought into the vicinity of these other advanced souls who will take them in hand when they are of age.

The Esoteric teaching is for the Soul of Humanity and does not speak to the personality, thus those aspirants still focused in the personality will not see the new expression of the Truth when its Light brightens the horizon in the near future.

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