You may be interested in Living on the Inner Edge, A Practical Esoteric Tale

Learn about the deeper esoteric experiences that leads to the Path of Initiation.

This is written for those who dare to go beyond the confines of this life. What you’ll find in this book that you won’t find in other esoteric books. “Living on the Inner Edge” is now published and available in paperback, e-book, and kindle.

The Esoteric Path

A lot has changed in the world today, technology is consuming our lives making life easier in one sense but fragmenting our lives in another sense.

The Worldwide web has made the world smaller allowing us to communicate easily with anyone in the world. This is a reflection of a future human capability when humanity evolves to such a point where they awaken the higher senses learning to communicate telepathically. The computer with search engines as tools allows us to gain access to all available information and has helped to increase world literacy levels. Information is at our fingertips, maybe too much information. A corollary to all this is that a plethora of spiritual avenues has also become readily available. With access to so much spiritual information, a seeker can almost drown with all the choices. How do you choose what path is right for you? They all seem so interesting! This is a big problem for the spiritual seeker today.

The Esoteric Path will answer many of your questions as it is the root of all other paths. Many paths that are popular today are but reflections of the deeper Esoteric paths of knowledge. Esoteric knowledge has existed throughout all human history. There are many degrees of Esoteric knowledge and they are not mainstream information. Effort is needed to get started even for the search. You can find information on various websites but that is just the tip of the iceberg and will mainly peak your interest. Here you can read many things and become acquainted with some of the terminology. There is a great deal of Esoteric knowledge to be learnt, as it is endless. But if it is only memorized, absorbed by the personality (head learning=eye doctrine), then it remains outside you, it doesn’t enter in deeply, touching the ‘inner self’. Instead the personality grows stronger, wrongly assuming it has knowledge, unique spiritual knowledge and therefore thinks much more highly of itself. This is the root of spiritual arrogance that is a common malady among many who aspire and believe themselves to be an Initiate or they even call themselves Master.

Real Esoteric knowledge, the practical instruction, is only gained through direct teaching in an esoteric school.

The true Esoteric Schools that are functioning on this planet are the reflection of one or more of the Ashrams of the Masters. The Path is within you, not outside of you. It is not in faraway lands, temples, or books. Yet knowledge is needed to outline the map, to build correct thoughts (5th ray+7th ray) that become your guide to finding the Path. The Path begins when you can separate/detach from the motion of your thoughts/feelings, of the personality and discover the feeling of your individuality, that feeling of a singular identity that can stand outside of the personality. This is your Essential Nature, the soul in-incarnation that the Master D.K. indicates in several of his books that were written by A.A.B. Although the world appears to be changing, the Way has not changed in essence. Effort is needed to produce a disciplined life based on the principles of the Esoteric traditions that have been handed down through the ages. The purpose of a disciplined life is to work towards an inner harmony that will make you suitable to receive the higher impulses of inspiration from the Masters of Wisdom.

Entering The Path

In the Vedas, the root philosophy of ancient India, there was a discipline called ‘neti- neti’, which means,” not this, not that”. When you connect with your center of awareness which is like a center of gravity then you can see the steady stream of thoughts that constantly arise flowing across the horizon of your awareness, you see your feelings arise reacting to the thoughts. Then from this awakening point of conscious tension you can say, I am not my thoughts or feelings, – ‘not this, not that’. Then try to feel that you are a “point of light within the greater light”, let it become a momentary reality for you. This is just the beginning. It is the doorway to the Path. This is when you pull back into your ‘real self’, the unconditioned self the “Essential Nature”. In Yoga this is ‘pratyahara’ the first inner yoga of the Astanga Yoga as outlined in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Pratyahara, or centering has to be accomplished first, creating a center of gravity, a point where your awareness is focused, a point of tension. The next step is dharana or concentration before reaching dhyana or meditation as outlined in the Yoga Sutras. Meditation in the real sense is not just sitting still in ‘padma asana’ watching your breath or visualizing rainbows. Esoteric meditation is an intense, active effort.

What is important is learning to distinguish between the feeling of the personality and the feeling of the Essential Nature.

What are the first steps?

1) How to focus your life forces creating a stable Center of Gravity.

2) How can you split your Awareness?

3) Holding higher energy, not leaking it.

These are in themselves interesting questions.

Remember our answers are based on the Esoteric Tradition and not on modern psychology. A personality is a thought-form that has been created over many lives; it actually has a form and exists in the 6th Vijnana, sixth state of consciousness, in the Buddhist system of the 8 Vijnanas. It is not visible to us as we only see its projections, the personality characteristics that we are so familiar with. This thought-form is created by the vortex of ‘vritti’, which in the Yoga Sutras is translated as “the modifications of the mind stuff”, which is always in motion made up of all thoughts and emotions, coordinated through a physical body. Also, the personality is a projection in time; each incarnation makes up part of our time body.

The personality evolves from life to life.

It is through the struggles of life, experiencing the joys and the pains that befall us in each life building diverse skills and abilities through the challenges of living that the personality evolves. Daily living, whether in the cities or farms, in the plains or the hilltops, acts as the great catalyst to the evolving personality. Since the personality is evolving, not everyone has a coordinated personality. For the vast majority of people, their sense of self is in the physical body. From the construction worker, farmer, miner, laborer, and athlete just to name a few.

The next group comprises of individuals whose sense of self is in their emotional body, such as artists, musicians, poets, day-care workers and actors. The third group comprises of those focused in their intellects, the scientist, engineer, professor, lawyer, accountant and doctors. This is not a rigid categorization as there are overlaps. This outline presents an alternative way of viewing the totality of humanity on this planet.

Eventually, there occurs one life where the allurements of society no longer pulls or distract the personality, and then the personality may experience that inner call of the Soul, the Essential Nature, stirring the personality into new activity. Then when your soul life is beginning to stir the search begins for the Path. This is an extremely important point. As the new seeker begins to search, unconscious past tendencies awaken, creating interests where, what appears to be new, is in fact a recurrence of interest from a distant past. Finding that you are attracted to the teachings of Lamas of Tibet, as an example, shows that an unconscious memory (samskara) is actively drawing you to resume past efforts. This is the first step, resuming where you left off. The challenge is to grow beyond this comfort level that exists because of the familiarity of past effort. This depends on one’s spiritual karma and inner aspiration. When you’ve reached the top of a 1000 foot pole you have to be prepared to jump!

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