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When your Soul is Awakening

Esoteric philosophy and psychology are not easy to understand as there are many blinds that prevent an individual from seeing some truth until one is ready to see it.

The Esoteric School

The most important aspect of a true occult school is the ‘guru parampara’, or as it’s known in the west as ‘the golden chain of Hermes’.

The Masters of Wisdom

The Theosophical literature only mentions about 15 Masters, as listed in the books by Alice A. Bailey, but there are many more.

Hidden Teachings in A.A.B’s Writing

Deeper insight into the source of the Masters DK teaching, and the hidden directions for those more advanced disciples who are daring to take the next step.

Esoteric Service for the Disciple

Most aspirant today consider the idea and function of ‘service’ as a major part of their spiritual discipline, or practice.

The Hidden Meaning of the COVID-19 Pandemic As seen through the Eyes of a Disciple

Because it is a world event, it is not just some mishap caused in a wet market or lab in Wuhan, China. This pandemic is a catalyst for world change and evolution.

What we are Teaching at Northern School of Esoteric Wisdom

Searching for a spiritual path is an indication that the Essential Nature is stirring. This stirring causes a discontent within the personality, restlessness or dissatisfaction with the repetitive day-to-day mechanical life we live.

Group Work and Mantra Shakti

Since we are still in some form of isolation due to the pandemic, our regular group meetings have been moved to an online format.

Maps of Consciousness

Part 1: Building the Big Picture. You have decided to make a long trip to a destination that you have never been to before.

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