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DEITIES: their Importance for Spiritual effort in the New Age

If an interest arises to study deities and apply them in one’s sadhana, how do you choose which deity to meditate on?

TRANSFERENCE and some FUTURE indications of the GROUP WORK

There are definite laws in the occult about 'transference' of 'shakti' from a teacher to the students who make up the group.

Insights into the Teaching of the Master DK

The Master DK has pointed out in his books written down by Alice A. Bailey, that his books are engineered so that individuals at different levels of soul evolution will get different interpretations from the same extract of his writing

Seven Rules for Aspiring Disciples

An aspiring disciple who is sincere in their heart will make an effort to be in Essence all the time.

When your Soul is Awakening

Esoteric philosophy and psychology are not easy to understand as there are many blinds that prevent an individual from seeing some truth until one is ready to see it.

The Esoteric School

The most important aspect of a true occult school is the ‘guru parampara’, or as it’s known in the west as ‘the golden chain of Hermes’.

The Masters of Wisdom

The Theosophical literature only mentions about 15 Masters, as listed in the books by Alice A. Bailey, but there are many more.

Hidden Teachings in A.A.B’s Writing

Deeper insight into the source of the Masters DK teaching, and the hidden directions for those more advanced disciples who are daring to take the next step.

Esoteric Service for the Disciple

Most aspirant today consider the idea and function of ‘service’ as a major part of their spiritual discipline, or practice.

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