By Cyrus Ryan

Occult instructions from Glamour: A World Problem

April 11, 2023

Occult instructions from Glamour: A World Problem

“The disciple or aspirant who is seeking to dispel glamour, either in his own life or as a service rendered to the world, much recognise that he is working with substance, with the breaking up of the forms which it has assumed, and with the dissipation of a material all-enveloping substance – material in the same sense as thoughtforms are substantial things but ( and here is appoint of importance ) of a less substantial nature than the forms of glamour found upon the astral plane…The forms of glamour on the astral plane are even more substantial but are less clearly defined…Glamours are smothering , vague, and enveloping.”

The above quote hides some very abstruse occult instructions for those who have began to pierce through the enveloping miasma of their own astral glamour. Here the disciple has reached a point in there occult awakening that they are now conscious of the motion of their total mind (chitakasha), have achieved a budding center of awareness, and are conscious of the blocks within their emotional body. They have earlier learnt to isolate any negative emotions, such as self-pity, anger, jealousy, fears, and arrogance. They now know the ‘taste’ of these modifications of the mind which when active take on one’s feeling of ‘I’. ‘I am angry, or I know that! or one of the most common, I’m so alone, nobody cares for me’. The disciple has passed through these stages of being caught by such glamours and is now beginning to truly detach from them. As a center of awareness is being built, the shakti/vital energy is being extracted from the ‘substance’ that forms these negative characteristic aspects of the personality.

When the disciple reaches the stage as pointed above, then the words by the Master DK flash brightly as actual instructions. Let’s take a deeper look into what the Master DK is saying. “…with the breaking up of forms” is a major point as it tells the disciple who is now reaching the stage of separation from their glamours that there is more to do. How do you break up these smothering, vague, enveloping all surrounding substance of the still unpurified astral body? The actual breaking of these fluid forms is a complex occult process, that both takes time and has a definite impact on one’s physical body. Anger, arrogance, fears, jealousy, and self-pity are on the astral plane, toxic substance, full of poisons, if only you could see it. So, if you’re really angry with someone and express it, you are actually spitting poison at them into their aura. In the esoteric group that I work with, the first rule is, “no negative emotions”, first in the group meeting, or between group members. Then you have to learn to remove them in societal situations. This is very difficult! This is an important step in the teaching of ‘harmlessness’. But once you make this part of your discipline, and see it, then separate from it, then you can start to break these vague forms down. Its at this point that the Master or if you have an advanced teacher, will give you a word of power that is charged from the inner ashram, plus the technique on how to use this word of power to break down these forms. This doesn’t happen overnight as it’s a long process, and some of these forms have picked up hitch-hikers from past lives that adds to the difficulty in the destructive process. It is this battle that Arjuna confronts when he faces the Kauravas (friends, teachers etc) and is being taught by Lord Krishna. What happens in fact is the substance of these negative forms once broken down have to be digested occultly by the disciple, which means you are absorbing (your) poisons into your system. That is one of the esoteric reasons for being vegetarian, if your physical substance is very coarse from meat, there will be a greater impact on your health. If you read in some of the occult stories, many occultists used herbs. The herbs were to counteract the poisons from digested astral substance. Also, at this point of esoteric soul development the disciple has learnt the methods of real invocation. Thus, the higher forces which represent Divine Harmony are invoked which impact and flow through the disciple helping in the work of dissipation, healing, protection, and transformation. In the end, the disciple entered into a deeper harmonious existence aligned, not only to their soul, the inner ashram they belong to, but also to the Law of Divine Harmony.

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