White Tara

By Cyrus Ryan

Hidden Keys to Esoteric Knowledge

June 6, 2024

A mantra and a deity are ONE and the same. A deity is a crystallized immortal, individualized identity existing in the Logoic etheric body. A deity was man in past kalpas beyond measure. There are thousands of deities; some are closer to humanity, thus easier to contact while others are far, far away. A deity represents or expresses some aspect of logic law. “Real laws are beings who by interaction create certain definitized manifestations which we are able to see. One can align oneself with one such law and by doing so one can work for a being who directs a part of the Work.” (30) This explains the deeper meaning of the term ‘patron Buddha’ or ‘Yidam’. If the Logos were a diamond, the deities are the many facets in that diamond. A deity acts as the Divine Mediator between the One Supreme and the many in creation. The rupa or form of a deity is not arbitrary; it is based on certain principles which capture the meaning and characteristics of a deity. A true “bhakta” is one who has a devotional relationship with a deity. For the occultist this means that you are conscious of and abide by the laws of that deity. If the relationship is superficial or imaginary, then the rules do not apply. For instance, if you’re a devotee of Mother Kali, you must be a strict vegetarian. If you break the rules then the deity withdraws until the devotee again wins the favor of the deity and communication and blessings are restored. This is sometimes called the ‘mystical marriage’, and like in a real marriage you have to be true in your devotion to the deity. You can’t fool the deity. Buddhist deities being more 2nd Ray, more radiant with the power to save, seem to be less restrictive than most Hindu deities, which have more 1st Ray.

Meditation using symbols or watching the breath are very good disciplines but can only take you so far, because underlying subconsciously, there is the thought that it is your effort, you have control; you can do it yourself and become enlightened. On the other hand, surrendering to a deity helps to weaken the grip of the personality on the soul. By kneeling down, you are lifted up. The ‘grace waves’ from the deity helps to melt down the negative substance of the personality and in time transforming not only the substance but even the old behavioral thought patterns.

Excerpt from: Living on the Inner Edge pg. 158
Oil painting of White Tara by Cyrus Ryan

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