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By Cyrus Ryan

The Masters of Wisdom

June 9, 2021

The Theosophical literature only mentions about 15 Masters, as listed in the books by Alice A. Bailey, but there are many more. The Theosophical Masters are very actively trying to find those students who are ready to learn the deeper teachings. These Masters are not readily available to us because our vibration is generally not in harmony with their vibration. The Masters have a very high vibration, whereas most aspirants generally have a very coarse vibration. Once we can purify and transform ourselves to a specific point, where there is a degree of inner harmony and much negative karma has been cleared, then a Master can connect with us. Therefore, we meditate intensely to transform the past negative substance of our bodies. It is also good to be vegetarian, and work on purifying one’s thoughts and to transform them. When one can do that to a certain degree, and as well, if the right karma is present, there is the opportunity for a Master to reach out. When that happens, one has to have their feet planted on the Path, but also be willing to take on responsibilities. A Master will only make contact where there is a particular purpose at hand.

1. Master can contact you in several ways:
Through dreams in a classroom-type of environment where very high ideas and esoteric concepts are taught. Generally, when you wake up you forget your dream, but you feel uplifted and that something special has happened. When you come back into your physical body and brain, that is when you wake up, you don’t have the same recollection because you are anchored in a different part of your being. When you sleep and enter the inner planes you are more in essence. When you wake up, you are in your personality; these are two opposites.

2. The Master can project a thought-form of himself. Say you are visualizing a picture of Master KH that you are drawn to; you visualize him; the visualization is not clear, but one day the face becomes ultra-clear and steady, much like a holograph. The Master has made a connection, projecting his energy to create this vibrant image and hold it, call it a projected thought-form. It may only last for a few seconds and it is a small connection. Yet, you will feel uplifted, energized, and an inner joy.

3. The Master projects and you see the image of the Master, but then you can feel the vibration. For instance, the Master KH has a very loving, radiant vibration; that envelopes you in a deep peace. Then you have reached a different level of contact.

4. Another level of contact, it is not necessary to see an image of the Master, but you can recognize the feeling or the presence of the Master. When you meditate and focus on the Master, and suddenly you feel like the Master is there. You do not see him, but he is present, you feel uplifted, electric, and have a sense of deep inner peace all around you, feeling more as a conscious identity in a state of harmony. That is a different form of contact. Then you know the Master has taken some greater interest in you as he has work for you to do. When that occurs, you have to be very sincere in your spiritual efforts because if not, the Master instantly withdraws.

I know several instances where individuals have had slight contact with a Master (see #1) and they felt elated, even though the experience was over in 2-3 seconds. But not long after the experience they went downhill. They felt overwhelmed by it, questioned the experience as to whether it was real or not, and immediately started to return to old negative habits, and not wanting to meditate. They were being tested to see if they were ready to hold a higher vibration. Because the energy was so strong it leaked into different aspects of the personality, and they went haywire for a few weeks.

When a Master takes a pupil, the Master keeps the pupil at a far distance, on the periphery of the Ashram. The reason is that bringing in a new student is a great liability, for the vibration of the student is so coarse, that the Master cannot risk bringing the student in, because that will cause a disruption in the vibration of the Ashram. Thus, new students are kept on the periphery of the Ashram, and that can last years; until the student has matured, and progressed enough that they can be trusted. In the technical 5th ray sense, the disciple cannot be 100 percent trusted until they are achieved the 3rd Initiation, because there is too much possibility for failure. So many people believe they are advanced disciples, why doesn’t the Master contact me? This is occult wishful dreaming, as they do not know the laws that govern this aspect of the path.

Being contacted by a Master is not the best thing if you are not prepared for it, and that is precisely why the Master keeps the student at the periphery. As the student purifies themself, and makes progress, he moves closer to the Master, and the inner connection becomes more instantaneous. There are generally 4-6 different degrees of closeness to a Master and this can take a long time to happen. If you are prepared and get the blessing of the Master, then your spiritual progress is accelerated tremendously; and you are also then tested a lot; your sincerity, perseverance and strength are tested. The tests will always be relative to your karma and they will never be greater than what you are capable of dealing with. If you want to be an occultist on the greater level, you will be tested, that’s the law.

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