5 Dhyanit-Buddha

By Cyrus Ryan

Insights into the Teaching of the Master DK

August 29, 2022

The Master DK has pointed out in his books written down by Alice A. Bailey, that his books are engineered so that individuals at different levels of soul evolution will get different interpretations from the same extract of his writing. He also mentioned that he writes for i) intelligent men/women, ii) probationers, iii) accepted disciples, and iv) initiates…each group will interpret these teachings in the light of their inner understanding.

This is a very interesting paragraph…what do you understand from it?
“The days of mystical and dreamy consciousness are rapidly passing away, and as man, through understanding of psychology, comes to a more accurate knowledge of himself he will begin to act with precision and with intelligence; he will know with exactitude the way that he should go, and will comprehend the forces in his own nature which will lead to specific action when brought into touch with the forces of his environment. Aspirants should endeavour to make practical application of the imparted truths, and so minimise their responsibility. Where there is acquired knowledge and when no use is made of it there exists a condition of danger and subsequent penalty.”

The Master DK is giving a direct teaching in the above paragraph. It is very easy to miss it. The Master DK in many places in his books alludes directly to an esoteric teaching of the Northern Buddhist School of Vajrayana on the teaching of the Five Dhyani Buddhas, or sometimes known as the Buddhas of Transformation. These Five Celestial great Lives make up the essence of the Guhyasamaj Tantra, which simply means ‘secret teachings.”

Let’s begin our analysis. What Ray is expressed in this paragraph? Examine the words…1) mystical and dreamy consciousness are rapidly passing away, 2) act with precision, 3) will know with exactitude, and 4) specific action.
#1 …eliminates 2nd and 3rd ray
#2 – 4…focuses on 5th ray characteristics
We see that the above paragraph is a 5th Ray statement, therefore the teaching is meant to be very exact in it meaning, not dreamy, guesswork, or wistful. The entire paragraph describes the Wisdom and Power of the Dhyani Buddha Amogasiddhi. This Buddha is the most powerful Buddha on the physical plane compared to his other 4 brothers. Lord Maitreya is the ‘manusha’ Buddha of Amogasiddhi. This means that Lord Maitreya, the World Teacher when he manifests in the near future will be the human representative of the Dhyani Buddha Amogasiddhi. Just as Lord Gautama was the human expression of the Dhyani Buddha Amitabha. Thus, understanding the Wisdom and Power of Amogasiddhi instantly tells you what the Master DK is actually saying in this paragraph. He uses references to the Five Dhyani Buddhas throughout his writings. Amogasiddhi represent active intelligent service expressed as, “the All accomplishing Wisdom of perfect magical action at the right time”. What does this mean? This has to do with, ‘act with precision and with intelligence…know with exactitude, and specific action’. The next part, ‘aspirants…make practical application (service) of imparted truths.’ Then he throws in a real twist when he writes, “so minimise responsibility”. This is a very important point! What does this mean? How do you accomplish this? Again, when you understand the true Wisdom of Amogasiddhi, this action become apparent. He finishes the paragraph with a warning, “where there is acquired knowledge and when no use is made of it there exists a condition of danger and subsequent penalty.” Danger – penalty? The Master Dk is not beating around the bush here, he’s being very direct. The deeper aspect of what he is saying is for those occultists who are consciously aligned to their Soul’s and one of the inner Ashrams. If not, you won’t get it. I will explain just a little more. Amogasiddhi has etched in the palm that is raised in blessing the double dorje or visvavajra, the Buddhist cross which exemplifies Power controlled by Wisdom. Thus, the actions of Amogasiddhi are always in alignment, in harmony with the Divine Plan. His actions are not based on a personality desire, thus karmic action is minimized. Therefore, if you are aligned to and inner Ashram, and can withdraw your consciousness inwards to the point where you can detach totally from personality ‘I’s, attune to the needs of the Ashram, and act in accordance to those needs, you minimize your responsibility, and eliminate any danger or subsequent penalty. Amogasiddhi acts with 2nd Ray as the background ray of world service, 5th Ray in the exactness of his actions, and 1st Ray to cut through all hindrances in his efforts exemplified by the ‘dorje’. This one paragraph opens the door to a fascinating study and deep occult knowledge. That’s why its important NOT to read the teachings of the Master DK, but to study, ponder, and be intuitive to what he is really saying.

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