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Bringing Back the Masters

The Theosophical Society was founded by the initiating impulse from Masters of Wisdom from the Trans-Himalayan Arhat School with Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (HPB) as their representative on the physical plane.

A Video Talk on Theosophy In Practice

My talk on Theosophy In Practice given at Watkins Books, London's oldest and largest esoteric bookshop.

Insights for the Seeker

A seeker in our modern techno-information crazed world, has access to a plethora of paths at their finger-tips. With this spiritual smorgasbord, how do you know which one to choose?

A Video Talk on Meditation Technology

This is for those who want to gain more knowledge about the keys to meditation.

Interview with Cyrus Ryan on That Channel in Toronto

Cyrus Ryan was interviewed by Darrell Barrs on ThatChannel.com.

Taking the Next Step Forward

There is at this time an inner intention to blending the occidental and the oriental approaches to the ancient wisdom and to the Hierarchy.

WESAK and Symposium on Ageless Wisdom

I’m inviting all Light Workers to a Symposium on the Ageless Wisdom and WESAK Festival meditation.

Experience Meditating in the Elora Caves at Midnight

Discover what meditating in the Elora Caves at midnight is like in this excerpt from Living on the Inner Edge, A Practical Esoteric Tale. Read Now.

Additional Instructions from the Master DK from Letters on Occult Meditation.

This is a most important and emphatic dictation of guidelines for practical service that the Master D.K.

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