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Living on the Inner Edge Book Excerpt

Discover Living on the Inner Edge, chapter on Meditation and Past Life Influences. Explore meditation, past life, Buddhist, I am, Soul, kama-rupa, Zen, the Work, 4th Way, Fourth Way, centering all here.

Swarupa: The True Self

Can we know our true Self? We are told that we have a Spirit, Soul, and we know we have a Body. So as humans we are made up as a triplicity of Spirit, Soul, and Body.

Master R (Rakoczi)

My rendition of the Master R (oil on canvas) who is mentioned in Theosophical literature generally as the Master Saint Germaine but it seems that he now prefers to be known as the Master R.

Higher bodies of the Master-an Esoteric Teaching

As one makes great progress, the building of the second body takes on a more sophisticated esoteric knowledge. In Esoteric Buddhism there are 4 types of ‘Maya-virupa’.

Awakening & Other Esoteric Thoughts

The ordeal of fire which comes upon the soul immediately that the desire for birth is experienced, and continues while man remains man only, is the burning out and consuming of all alloy in the nature.

Insights Into the Teachings of the Master D.K.

Momentum: The activity of the mental sheath and the gradually increasing rate of vibration is brought about by the inflow of energies of different kinds.

A Doorway to Heaven

The Palchor Monastery in Gyantse was built in 14th century Tibet during the Ming Dynasty and belongs to the Nying-ma-pa sect of Tibetan Buddhism.

Dweller on the Threshold: Part 1

The nature of this topic only allows for a brief description. It is too esoteric for the printed page and there are only a couple of books that hint at this topic in an esoteric sense.

The Most Sacred Science: Part 3

What is the deeper revealed meaning of the mantra, OM MANI PADME HUM? Usually, this mantra is translated as, “OM the jewel in the lotus, HUM”.