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By Cyrus Ryan

Group Work and Mantra Shakti

June 19, 2020

The Way of the Future

Since we are still in some form of isolation due to the pandemic, our regular group meetings have been moved to an online format, where we get together twice weekly to meditate as a group, and discuss all matters of esoteric teachings. For WESAK, we prepared ourselves for this event by practicing the chanting of the mantra of Lord Gautama, the Buddha, for several weeks leading up to our WESAK meditation. Part of this work was understanding more about ‘mantra-yana’. Here is an except of our discussion on mantra.

Mantra-yana, or the use of mantra, accelerates everything, especially if in a group format. If you chant on your own, the efficiency level may be 5%, so the results are going to be small, unless you’re a very advanced soul. If you’re in a group, the efficiency level could go up to 25% and 35%. If you’re chanting with someone that has mantra shakti it can go up even higher, depending on the level of mantra shakti. Mantra shakti means that the individual is connected to the mantra and has entered beyond the mechanical repetition stage. To give an example, an individual may have started with one particular mantra and been initiated by an advanced being, an initiate, into that mantra. Once they achieve mantra shakti (which can take a number of years), then if they need to incorporate other mantras, they are already connected, because they’ve attained the level of madhyama-mantra and their being vibrates in harmony with the mantras. The correct application of mantra will transform you entire nature rapidly as sound/vibration reacts on the matter aspect of one’s bodies.

When you chant a mantra, you’re invoking a deity. A mantra is the sound body of a deity, it is the name of a deity. When you chant, you must be centered and really focused on all aspects of the application of the mantra correctly, plus it is necessary to awaken a deep respect, a feeling of sacredness when uniting with a deity.

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