By Suryc Nayr

Service and Renunciation

February 26, 2018
“In service is renunciation, and, under the occult law, therefore, in service the subjective finds liberation, and is set free from objective manifestation. Think this out, for it has much hidden under the veil of words.” (Letters on Occult Meditation, Pg. 240)

The first thing we did was determine the exact time of the full moon. This would be our main meditation. Then we timed every thing we did based on that exact time of the WESAK full moon.

Let’s see if we can go beyond the veil of words as this is a most important point to gain deep understanding.

Main ideas…”service is renunciation”

In service the subjective finds liberation…set free

The idea of service is the Master DK’s translation of the Buddhist ideal of the Bodhisattva Path as taught in Mahayana Buddhism.

Why does true service results in renunciation? This statement implies that Service is an expression of Spiritual Work that must be accomplished as an ‘unselfish’ act or effort. What does this mean? The Work of Service cannot be directed from the personality, although the effort to serve needs to use the personality as a vehicle to facilitate the effort.

This indicates that the one who serves must be intuitively conscious to the inspirations from the ‘higher self’ or direction from some higher intelligence that sees the need for a particular activity that meets the moment and must be done. When the disciple receives the order or inspiration for the needed effort it may conflict with the desires of the personality because it may be outside of the disciples comfort zone.

Then what too often occurs because of the added energy that comes with the inspiration, the disciple can all of a sudden experience a negative personal trait, like fear of failure, or an insecurity, why me, that jumps out of the darkness of his subconscious and freezes the disciple’s efforts and the service is rendered mute.

Or, sometimes because of this, the disciple mentally negotiates slight changes to the original inspiration to fit in with their own ideas, comfort, or schedule. This is a big and common problem that those higher intelligences see and the disciple is tested with.

Now, if the disciple recognizes the intrusion of this volatile negative force and can detach from its force/thoughts then the disciple’s action is one of renunciation and the inner life, the soul/essence through this effort grows stronger, gains freedom from this negative personal trait which may raise its head again in another situation but it will not be as strong, thus the disciple has taken another step towards liberation and a sincere active vehicle for Spiritual Service can be soon seen as dependable and useful. Thus the Path of Service is so important for those treading the Path of Return.

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