By Suryc Nayr

Master R (Rakoczi)

May 26, 2017

My rendition of the Master R

My rendition of the Master R (oil on canvas) who is mentioned in Theosophical literature generally as the Master Saint Germaine but it seems that he now prefers to be known as the Master R. It is mentioned in the Alice B. Bailey works by the Master D.K. that the Master R now holds the position of the Mahachohan. He is a Master on the 7th Ray, Master of all the great mantra and ritual. He is very active today in the West. Many people seem to have lost faith in these great Masters and think, for some reason, that their time has past. Not at all! They are very active but on the inner planes inspiring and instructing those who are open, disciplined, and have faith unmoveable for the Great Work at hand.

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