“The keynote of the new yoga will be synthesis: its objective will be conscious development of the intuitive faculty. This development will fall into two categories: first, the development of the intuition and of true spiritual perception, and secondly, the trained utilization of the mind as an interpreting agent.”

Treatise on White Magic, pg. 429, Alice A. Bailey, Lucis Press 1934
bringing back the masters re-defining theosophy today 2 day conference flyer

Bringing back the Masters

Re-defining Theosophy Today

2-day conference, Saturday, March 7, 12 noon – 5 pm, Sunday, March 8, 12 noon – 3pm, Toronto Theosophical Society (792 Glencairn Ave. Toronto, Ontario, Canada), admission is by donation.

This is our main announcement for this 2 – day conference, exploring the next step forward for the Theosophical Society, engaging the needs of those true aspirants to the Divine Wisdom. The purpose of this conference is to reaffirming the pivotal position of the Masters of Wisdom as exponents of Theosophical knowledge, and teaching the methods of access to the Masters. The cycle is returning, access to the Masters is possible. This conference is not for everyone, only those who are ready to make themselves a positive agent for change, willing to make the sacrifices necessary to be a conscious link between the ‘Inner Ashrams’ of the Masters and humanity.

Why is this effort necessary today? The times have changed! People today are more knowledgeable about what was esoteric in the nineteenth century, but today, it is exoteric; such concepts as, reincarnation, karma, mantra, yoga, and meditation. When HPB was introducing these ideas, how many people in the west meditated, or knew about yoga? Today, many people follow some form of meditation, do some Yoga, and even sound the OM, or some mantra when they meditate. Also, with the migration of people from the East to the West, the culture of the East is shifting westward. Now there are Hindu, Buddhist, and even Taoist temples in the West. Many young people are now attracted to some form of Yoga or Buddhism, whether Tibetan or Zen, because they want to “experience something” truly spiritual, they are not that interested in a scholarly viewpoints or arguments, reading through weighty material. Thus, in North America, there are very few young people exploring Theosophy, while Tibetan Buddhist facilities attract many younger people who are sincerely searching. Theosophy, as HPB said, is “Atma-Vidya” …this knowledge can only truly be understood when it is combined with correct occult meditation.

Topics that will be discussed at the conference:

Who are the Masters? What does access to them entail?
Methods of approach…through meditation.
Role of the Master’s today.
The future holds for each and all who duly strive, who unselfishly serve, and occultly meditate, the promise of knowing Those Who already have full knowledge of the struggling aspirant. (Master DK, via AAB, Letters on Occult Meditation)
Seed Schools for the future externalization of Hierarchy.
Theosophy today, has it changed? There is no initiate at the helm…What does Theosophy need, to evolve?


  • Awakening a conscious ‘Center of Awareness’.
  • How to meditate, contact, the Masters

Contact us:

Cyrus Ryan suryc_nayr@yahoo.ca

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Learn about the deeper esoteric experiences that leads to the Path of Initiation.

“Ryan’s account, both accessible and fascinating, takes us through the groups adventures, including inner practices (“Our chanting was creating a ‘cone of fire’ which not only protected the group, but also allowed for the downpour of energy from the higher planes”); journeys to India and Tibet, and the dynamics of relations between members….I believe that groups of this sort represent the best possibility for spiritual development today.”

– Review excerpt from Quest Magazine, Summer 2019 by Richard Smoley (Read Full Review)

“Ryan has a gift for explaining the complex and abstruse in the most lucid and accessible fashion without losing the true essence of meaning. There is an awakening, stimulating, attuning charge to the writing, the memoir told by someone with decades of practical experience and a sincere heart.”

– Review excerpt by Isobel Blackthorn, novelist, reviewer (Read Full Review)

What’s Inside the Book

You will be inspired to push yourself deeper into the world of Esoteric Wisdom when you read about what happens when Master of Wisdom, gives the group, through my teacher, a Word of Power. Our ability to use this Word of Power matured into deeper Esoteric knowledge that blossomed, only after intense group effort and discipline. To my knowledge, there are no books presently available that discuss the Group Work that lasted for 30 years on the physical plane, and indicates the future of spiritual development and Initiation like this book. This book is written in a story form, integrated with new teachings of the esoteric Path. The teachings in my book are a syntheisis of the Ageless Wisdom including Theosophy/Tibetan Master DK’s work as presented through Alice A. Bailey, Vajrayana Buddhist practice, Yoga Vidya, and the Gurdjieff/Ouspensky Forth Way.

1) Information and actual experiences of the Dweller on the Threshold

2) Ordeals on the path in the process of Initiation (Initiate are made not born)

3) Group work and group problems

4) Successes and failures and what happens on the path of initiation

5) Astral attacks, some examples, and how to overcome them

6) Love, sex and problems seen from an esoteric viewpoint

7) Insights into the Sacred Science of Mantra…Om mani padme hum explained

8) Atma-Vidya, the key to deeper understanding of the teachings of the Master DK

9) Meditation charts of the Occult Constitution of Man

The Northern School of Esoteric Wisdom

The Master D.K., known also as the Tibetan Master, expresses in his teachings throughout the books by Alice A. Bailey the importance of ‘Group Work’ and teaches us that our Soul on its own plane, the higher mental, belongs to a ‘group Soul’. He also mentions that it is rare for members of the same soul group to come together on the physical plane but when they do, it is very special. He also points out that groups will be soon forming on the physical plane and that there will be preparatory schools of initiation in the near future, as mentioned in Letters on Occult Meditation. Such schools will be externalizations of certain ashrams of the Masters. I was a member of one of these unique groups for a number of years, actually just over 30 years. This group was an experiment by the Masters to see what would happen to a group of Western aspirants subjected to various spiritual energies and events. We were contacted by one of the Masters in 1978.

It was not at all as we would have imagined, not at all like the stories that you read about in the occult books.

The Master didn’t magically send letters through the space as they did with H.P. Blavatsky, nor did the Master appear and dictate lessons as in the case of Alice A. Bailey (A.A.B.). The contact was very short without any explanation. The Master gave us a ‘word of power’, a mantra with a particular tune, rhythm, and focus. Coming directly from the Master, this word of power was charged with Divine Shakti/energy linking us both to this Master and an ashram on the inner plane.

This is an important key point. It is this link with the shakti/energy of this Master that made this word of power alive. It is like you’re plugged in! When we first got it, little did we know what would happen! We were like guinea pigs in a maze trying to find our way, having been given a powerful tool and a partial map. The all powerful mysterious law of karma was at work.

This word of power was like a seed and in time, through trial & error, grew into a tree of knowledge. The Master who gave us this precious jewel overshadowed our group of seekers for several years but did not directly contact us very often. Yet he was there. As a group we received inspiration and inner guidance as other contacts with other Masters and Devas eventually ensued. These Masters did not carry on conversations with us, they were not channelled entities nor did they tell us that we were good disciples or that the world was going to get better. Instructions were short and to the point, generally through inspiration about meditation, or methods to overcome certain types of negative forces.

Our intuitive insights were tested constantly as was our ability to listen inwards and discriminate between truth and falsehood, between personality and Soul. We found many practical hints that were hidden in the teachings given out in the books of Alice A. Bailey and Theosophical works, plus various writings on esoteric philosophy that helped to guide us. These hints had to be tied together and, in time, they became a body of esoteric dharma in line and in harmony with the Sanatana Dharma, Ageless Wisdom of India and Tibet.

Further Your Knowledge

For those aspirants interested in furthering their knowledge of the Esoteric Work through Group Work can contact us at the Northern School of Esoteric Wisdom.


What is important is learning to distinguish between the feeling of the personality and the feeling of the Essential Nature.

Aspirants who have questions or wish to discuss various esoteric subjects such as those on this website may like to join, Northern School of Esoteric Wisdom’s fb page.