“The keynote of the new yoga will be synthesis: its objective will be conscious development of the intuitive faculty. This development will fall into two categories: first, the development of the intuition and of true spiritual perception, and secondly, the trained utilization of the mind as an interpreting agent.”

Treatise on White Magic, pg. 429, Alice A. Bailey, Lucis Press 1934

Living on The Inner Edge

This small group of disciples that lasted for over 30 years has never mentioned or advertised the fact that certain mysterious Masters of Wisdom had made contact with them. Living on the Inner Edge is my spiritual memoir of these events, of what happened through these years along with some of the esoteric teachings we discovered.

Look for “Living on the Inner Edge” online at major booksellers on bookshelves by Summer/Fall 2018.

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The Northern School of Esoteric Wisdom

The Master D.K., known also as the Tibetan Master, expresses in his teachings throughout the books by Alice A. Bailey the importance of ‘Group Work’ and teaches us that our Soul on its own plane, the higher mental, belongs to a ‘group Soul’. He also mentions that it is rare for members of the same soul group to come together on the physical plane but when they do, it is very special. He also points out that groups will be soon forming on the physical plane and that there will be preparatory schools of initiation in the near future, as mentioned in Letters on Occult Meditation. Such schools will be externalizations of certain ashrams of the Masters. I was a member of one of these unique groups for a number of years, actually just over 30 years. This group was an experiment by the Masters to see what would happen to a group of Western aspirants subjected to various spiritual energies and events. We were contacted by one of the Masters in 1978.

It was not at all as we would have imagined, not at all like the stories that you read about in the occult books.

The Master didn’t magically send letters through the space as they did with H.P. Blavatsky, nor did the Master appear and dictate lessons as in the case of Alice A. Bailey (A.A.B.). The contact was very short without any explanation. The Master gave us a ‘word of power’, a mantra with a particular tune, rhythm, and focus. Coming directly from the Master, this word of power was charged with Divine Shakti/energy linking us both to this Master and an ashram on the inner plane.

This is an important key point. It is this link with the shakti/energy of this Master that made this word of power alive. It is like you’re plugged in! When we first got it, little did we know what would happen! We were like guinea pigs in a maze trying to find our way, having been given a powerful tool and a partial map. The all powerful mysterious law of karma was at work.

This word of power was like a seed and in time, through trial & error, grew into a tree of knowledge. The Master who gave us this precious jewel overshadowed our group of seekers for several years but did not directly contact us very often. Yet he was there. As a group we received inspiration and inner guidance as other contacts with other Masters and Devas eventually ensued. These Masters did not carry on conversations with us, they were not channelled entities nor did they tell us that we were good disciples or that the world was going to get better. Instructions were short and to the point, generally through inspiration about meditation, or methods to overcome certain types of negative forces.

Our intuitive insights were tested constantly as was our ability to listen inwards and discriminate between truth and falsehood, between personality and Soul. We found many practical hints that were hidden in the teachings given out in the books of Alice A. Bailey and Theosophical works, plus various writings on esoteric philosophy that helped to guide us. These hints had to be tied together and, in time, they became a body of esoteric dharma in line and in harmony with the Sanatana Dharma, Ageless Wisdom of India and Tibet.

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What is important is learning to distinguish between the feeling of the personality and the feeling of the Essential Nature.

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