By Suryc Nayr


May 14, 2018

Why do I call this article ‘After WESAK’?

First of all, the picture tied to this article shows my opening talk prior to the WESAK meditation. I have led numerous WESAK meditations but this past WESAK, April 29/18, was the largest with just over 50 participants.

In one sense size doesn’t matter and in another sense it does. With 50 participants sounding the OM, the mantra of the Buddha, and then the Great Invocation together in harmony, creating a tremendous evocative appeal to the ‘higher forces’ as to the inner yearning of aspirants worldwide to reach up to greater heights to unify in harmony with that mysterious Plan of the Masters of Wisdom or Hierarchy. With 50 of us chanting aloud during this WESAK ceremony there was an amazing downpour of powerful energy through our invocation that was experienced by many who took part. The chanting took on a dynamic rhythm that was both melodious and potent. The Master DK in Letters on Occult Meditation discusses this power that can be invoked if a group of sincere aspirants were to chant the Sacred Word together in an organized Seventh Ray ritual.

He also mentions that it is important to organize public WESAK Festival meditations.
During a powerful WESAK ceremony meditation as we just had, each individual will take into their Soul, astral body, and etheric body a certain amount of the WESAK shakti/energy relative to their own level of Soul evolution. It’s different for everyone. I sat with two other members, at the front by the altar, of my inner Full Moon meditation group who represented the Ashram, thus the WESAK shakti/energy is focalize through us to the other participants. Now that you’ve taken in this Divine shakti of WESAK, what do you do? Just because you experience this downpour of the Divine doesn’t mean it stays with you….unless you know the esoteric science of the “Holy Grail”.

It is important not to leak out this Divine blessing especially at the time of WESAK. A great percentage of it can be leaked out in seconds through wrong activity and thought. During this event there were several lecturers and short breaks between each talk. I noticed that during the breaks where people could get some refreshments that the tone of the chatter in the room was quite calm even hushed. But after the meditation the tone had changed and was much more boisterous as the energy was pouring out through the activity of many tongues. I used to take part in 3 day WESAK retreats where, except for our chanting, we remained in silence the entire time to hold in the energy and learn to build the “Holy Grail”. This is a great esoteric secret!

It is the most important point pertaining to this Divine shakti/energy that then goes to build the “Holy Grail” or the “soul in-incarnation” that can hold this shakti/energy. As the “soul in-incarnation” grows it pulls shakti/force from the lunar lords weakening the hold of the personality on the soul awareness. “Each time we pursue outside ourself that which is only to be found within us we waste that Light. Identifying ourselves with transient patterns we share their transiency and die with them.

For this reason the Sages have always taught that we should restrain the Heart-Light from flowing out towards objects but should let it remain collected in the Heart like the clear mirror of a mountain lake”. (1) This causes certain events to occur over time depending on the level of awakening one achieves. This is the esoteric side. It has to be pointed out by one who knows to one who is ready to find it. On the exoteric side, this Divine shakti/energy (of WESAK) should be used in group service as an expression of compassion for Humanity. These are just a few thoughts which if you ponder on them lead to greater esoteric understanding of the purposes of events like WESAK. Northern School of Esoteric Wisdom is very active and you can contact us if you have sincere questions and aspirations.

(1) The Yoga of the Kathopanishad, pg. 188, Sri Krishna Prem, Watkins, London 1955.

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